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 J N N U R M

Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM) was launched by the Government of India on December 3, 2005, to encourage cities to initiate steps to bring about improvement in the existing services levels in a financially sustainable manner. The Mission comprises two sub-missions, viz., the Urban Infrastructure & Governance (UIG) and the Basic Services to the Urban Poor (BSUP).

The primary objective of the JnNURM is to create economically productive, efficient, equitable and responsive cities. 65 cities have been identified by the Central Government under the Mission, which include Bangalore and Mysore from the state of Karnataka.

The pre-requisite for assistance under the Mission is the preparation of City Development Plan (CDP), Detailed Project Report (DPR) and drawal of timelines for the implementation of urban sector reforms.

A State Level Steering Committee (SLSC), under the Chairmanship of the Chief Minister, has been constituted to identify, prioritize and recommend the project proposals under JnNURM as per the Guidelines.

A State Level Empowered Committee (SLEC), under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary to Government, is constituted to facilitate timely decisions on project approvals and achieve co-ordination of the various agencies and departments under JnNURM.

State Government has appointed Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development & Finance Corporation (KUIDFC) as the State Level Nodal Agency (SLNA) for JnNURM to assist Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), place proposals to SLSC for approval, manages grants, release funds to ULBs, maintain revolving fund and monitor the physical and financial progress and implementation of reforms as committed in the Memorandum of Agreement.
Two Sub-Missions, viz., UIG and BSUP, function under separate Ministries to consider project proposals under JnNURM. UIG is managed by Ministry of Urban Development Department (MoUD) while BSUP is administrated by Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA). They have different funding pattern as indicated below:

Funding Pattern
Urban Infrastructure & Governance
Basic Services to the Urban Poor
Central Share
State Share
ULB Share
Central Share
State/ULB Share

Funds under the Mission would be released by the Central Government to the State Level Nodal Agency, which in turn would release to the Implementing Agency in the form of loan, soft loan-cum-grant or grant.

As per the Guidelines, at least 25% of UIG & 10% of BSUP funds released are to be recovered and ploughed into a Revolving Fund by the nodal agency for financing of further infrastructure projects and the fund is upgraded to a state level infrastructure funds, viz., State Level Urban Infrastructure Development Fund and State Level Basic Services to the Urban Poor Fund.

City Development Plan (CDP) for Bangalore and Mysore cities have been prepared and approved by the Government of India during October and November 2006 respectively and MoAs signed during December 2006. The estimated capital investments for Bangalore as per the CDP stand at Rs. 22,536 crore. The revised CDP after merger of surrounding 8 urban local bodies and 110 villages has also been prepared. The estimated capital investments for Bangalore as per the revised CDP amount to Rs. 71,723 crore (Planning Horizon 2007-12). The CDP for Mysore indicates projects with an estimated capital investment worth Rs. 1969 crore.

JnNURM Status Report –June, 2015

67 Projects with an investment of Rs. 4603.63 crore have been approved so far. Of this, the Central Government share is Rs. 1989.00 crore and the State Government share is Rs.841.58 crore, against which the Government of India has already released Rs. 1710.72 crore and Government of Karnataka has contributed its share of Rs. 799.92 crore. Against the total releases of Rs. 2510.64 crore, an amount of Rs. 4483.94 core has already been spent (including ULB/IA share). 32 projects have been completed so far

As for sector-wise investment, 50% of approved investment is for Water, Sewerage & Drainage Sector, 1 % for Solid Waste Management, 30 % for Roads and Road related Infrastructure, 1 % for Heritage & Tourism and 18 % is for provision of Basic Services to Urban Poor.

Under Basic Service to Urban Poor Sub-Mission, construction of 27925 dwelling units, with all the essential services, in 158 slums benefitting about 1, 39,625 dwellers in both Bangalore and Mysore cities have been approved. So far, 25438 DUs have been completed and 2145 DUs are under construction.

JNNURM also mandates implementation of Urban Reforms for which the State has signed a MoA with Government of India. The State has taken necessary steps to implement reforms. All the 23 State and City Level Reforms have already been implemented. Besides, 11, out of 12 Urban Transport related Reforms have been implemented as mandated under JnNURM and the rest 1 are under implementation. Timelines have been drawn for various milestones for implementation of these Reforms.

MoUD, GoI, has calibrated the Reforms, implemented under JnNURM and Karnataka Scored (Calibrated) 95.4% Marks (Overall State Performance) and stands 2nd among all the States of the Country.

Transition Phase:

Urban Infrastructure and Governance: 7 projects amounting to Rs 418.14 crore have been approved till date. Of this, Central Government share is Rs. 272.63 crore and State Government share is Rs. 48.69 crore, against which the Government of India has already released Rs.68.16 crore and Government of Karnataka has release its share of Rs 12.17. crore.

Urban Transport: For Bangalore and Mysore 8 Projects amounting to Rs 485.71 crore have been approved. Of this, Central Government share is Rs. 186.89 crore and State Government share is Rs. 70.98 crore, against which the Government of India has already released Rs. 54.00 crore and Government of Karnataka has release its share of Rs 21.60. crore. The financial progress is Rs. 13.86 crore till date.

Urban Transport – Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme for Small and Medium Town (UIDSSMT): For 31 towns, 48 Projects amounting to Rs 540.17 crore have been approved. Of this, Central Government share is Rs. 432.14 crore and State Government share is Rs. 55.80 crore, against which the Government of India has already released Rs.185.07 crore and Government of Karnataka has release its share of Rs. 19.59 crore. The financial progress is Rs. 97.20 crore till date.

Comprehensive Capacity Building Program (CCBP):
Comprehensive Capacity Building Program (CCBP) has been approved for 15 ULBs at a total cost of Rs. 62.01 crore.

Key activities undertaken till date under CCBP as per the Guidelines
KUIDFC has been nominated as SLNA for CCBP under JnNURM by an GO issued by GO
SIUD (ATI), Mysore has been appointed as Training Partner
SLSC- CB has been formed under the Chairmanship of PS/ACS, UDD, GoK
As required by the MoUD the Nodal Officers have been Nominated and same been intimated to MoUD
Established SRPMC at KUIDFC
Established UMC at ATI/SIUD, Mysore
Initiated the process for establishment of City RPMCs
As per the MoUD Guidelines, Plan of Action for the activities FY 2014-15 has been prepared and approved by SLSC –CB


KUIDFC organized 4 Training Programmes, 2 Workshops and 1 Exposure Visit.

State Institute for Urban Development; Mysore organized 20 Training Programmes and 10 Workshops.

Total 1165 ULB Officials/Staff were trained and Total Expenditure is 49.74 lakhs.

Updated 31/07/2015